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Our conscious effort to strive better with the legal community

An important part of our culture is to give back to the community we exist in and constantly encourage our lawyers and associates to make informed sustained efforts towards the same, as a pro-bono initiative we partner with multiple platforms and offer then free legal support.

Our partners are key drivers of the initiative by Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) that provides free legal support to institutions & bodies that were earlier engaged with UN Millennium Development Goals, and now have adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Below are some of the legal pro-bono initiatives undertaken by us :

  • H&S Partner made suggestions on amendments to Criminal Laws relating to safety & security of women 

  • H&S Partners along with ORF drafted the Media Regulation Bill

  • H&S Partners was actively involved in drafting of Commercial Division of High Courts Bill jointly with CII

  • H&S Partners along with ORF drafted the Intelligence Agencies Regulation Bill

  • Dr. Manoj Kumar was personally involved in overviewing multiple legal developments concerning/affecting outdoor advertising in India (IOAA)

  • Dr. Manoj Kumar is extensively engaged with the Indian Industry and Policy making through CII while also being the founder member of Disputes Resolutions Centre of CII

​​Here are the Initiatives that we are actively involved in: 

  • Porter Prize: A joint initiative by Institute of Competitiveness and Harvard Business School to Honour the best companies with respect to value creation, innovation and strategy. 

  • Thinkers 50: A joint initiative by Institute of Competitiveness and Thinker's 50 Global to identify and honour the top 50 business minds in India.

  • PSU Champion Awards: A joint initiative by Governance Now and Institute of Competitiveness to honour the performing PSUs in different categories. 


India Unites Foundation

India Unites Foundation came into existence in the early 2000s and since has tried to provide financial and non-financial support to the needy and distressed. India Unites Foundation now consolidates our numerous social responsibility initiatives executed over the past decade and beyond in active association with numerous NGOs and Institutions including:


United Nations // World Bank // IFC // Russian Orthodox Church // ISKCON // Humana People to People // A-SEVI // A4ID // Thomson Reuters’ // ORF // Society of Indian Law Firms 

Dr. Manoj Kumar, is a key driving force of the professional social responsibility program at SILF, key member of CSR committee of PHDCCI apart from spearheading the CSR and social enterprise initiative of H&S Partners at the India Unites Foundation on a wide range of social and inclusive agenda including:

  • Supporting the girl child - Sponsoring education at orphanages 

  • Critical medical support during disasters - Collaboration with Doctors for you

  • Eradication of Malnutrition helping in reduction of neonatal deaths

  • Training of nurses in rural areas for proper mother & child care to ensure longevity of life

  • Promoting hygiene in rural & 3rd world areas

  • Supporting organisation for bridging resources

  • Promoting proper nutrition, critical healthcare & basic amenities 

  • Supporting research on rights for women & child in collaboration with the International World bank

We are highly committed to bringing the voices of the poor and marginalised sections of the society to center stage. With our association with Praxis (NGO specialising in participatory approaches towards a sustainable development) we further support the cause of providing proper legal aid and development in India.


Doctors For You 

Doctors For You is engaged in provided critical medical care in India and is organised as a humanitarian organization with an international presence.  DFY has been an integral part of India's disaster/natural calamity handling. 

Dr. Kumar is a patron of DFY and H&S has been assisting DFY  financially as well as non-financially in its critical medical care, mal-nutrition prevention, prevention of neonatal deaths and training of medical workforce across India.

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