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Legal Compliance & Due Diligence

The compliance & regulatory landscape continues to increase in complexity across the globe. Our team leverages deep knowledge of industry-specific regulations with tools, accelerators, and methodologies to design, assess, and transform the processes, controls, and infrastructure needed to mitigate risk and stay in compliance.
We help in assessing, developing and implementing:

  • processes,

  • setting up compliance trackers,

  • controls and infrastructure

to mitigate regulatory and compliance risks facing your company.

We have in the past acted in relation to conducting checks/audit, verifying and assessing compliance points, flagging green/orange/red points in compliance from business and consequences perspective and assisting in reaching a complete ‘right to operate level’ for our valued clients across various levels of operations spread between manufacturing facilities, project sites and a wide network of operations across India.

We have an excellent track record of assisting in relation to sector specific compliance challenges in various sectors including Real Estate, hospitality, Infrastructure sector, automobiles, F&B, Chemicals & fertilizers, Pharma, Technology companies, Start-ups, telecom, IT & ITES sector to name a few.

Compliance involves the design, implementation, and monitoring of effective policies, programs, procedures, and practices surrounding compliance by an organization and its employees and other representatives with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the company’s business activities as well as detection of potential violations of these legal and regulatory requirements by company’s employees and other representatives.

Although the types of compliance programs and policies that may be appropriate for a particular organization will vary according to an organization’s size and complexity of operations, all organizations, large and small, corporate or otherwise, benefit from having effective compliance programs in place, be they formal or informal, that are well-designed, appropriately tailored to the organization’s operations and actively monitored following their establishment.

Compliance also encompasses internal policies and procedures adopted by organizations to minimize risk to the organization and ensure ethical behavior and personal conduct by the organization’s employees and other representatives.

Non-compliances can range between failure to affix a notification under Industrial Relations Laws to failure to comply with terms and conditions of sanctions obtained under Environmental law or irregularities in computing tax. The Geographical spread of the company and diversified business interests will increase the compliances.
The services of knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel can be used to assist an organization in not only cost effectively designing compliance programs that are appropriate in light of an organization’s size, form of entity, operational focus, complexity, management structure, and breadth of operations, but also in aiding organizations in dealing with apparent violations of those programs and the underlying laws and regulations.

Our capabilities include designing the target operating model, assessing policies and procedures, testing and monitoring and in some instances managing compliance activities as, well as building the analytics and reporting structures to allow for ongoing measurement and analysis. We ensures that organization adhere to the provisions of law on a continual basis by effectively executing their compliance responsibilities. We also help to develop, assess and transform an enterprise compliance program to address the complex and changing business environment.

We also help in responding to regulatory actions by providing a holistic and customized solution that incorporates industry leading practices. For securing legal compliance implementation we undertakes the following tasks.

  • Identification of compliance with all the regulatory & statutory norms governing the industry and other Compliance Obligations under various legislations.

  • We liaison with the Lead Managers and Implementers of the company for the timely execution of Compliance and submit the reports in this regard.

  • We build detailed and exhaustive Compliance tracker not only to map the activities but also to highlight the activities which are non-violated, less violated and violated.

  • Our check-lists are prepared after comprehensive evaluation of the project and in-depth study of the industry in which organization operates.

  • The duly filled compliance documents are verified by us at each stage.

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