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Policy, Regulation & Strategy

The firm's Policy, Regulation & Strategy practice was established by our Founder & former Managing Partner, Dr. Manoj Kumar. Find a brief snapshot below.

H&S understands the alignment of clients businesses with legislative and policy outlooks and challenges and with the use of its collective knowledge and experience the firm successfully manoeuvre through the dynamically evolving policy and regulation frameworks in India. 

Policy shaping and scientific Policy Predictions mandates are undertaken by H&S about forthcoming policies and regulations on the basis of prior information with the aim to handhold and help clients navigate through future changes in policies and plan accordingly. 


Our aim is to analyse, articulate and impact policy formulations with global and local best practices, such as :

  • Formulation of comprehensive code of conduct for judges for implementation in SAARC countries including India by law commissioner of India.

  • Making India a hub of International Arbitration 

  • Revival and re-habilitation process with various Public Sector Undertakings through various representations, submissions and presentations before the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs , Government of India - chaired by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India.

  • Implementation of odd-even formula for pollution control in Delhi.

  • Liberalization of the legal industry, allowing the entry of foreign firms in the country in a phased and regulated manner.

  • Drafting the Fast Track Commercial Court Bill.

  • Consultation papers issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Government of India).

  • Land Acquisitions rules along with the comparative analysis of the old and new Land Acquisition Bill before the Parliamentary Committee on Land Acquisition Bill.

  • Renewable Energy with PHD Chambers.

  • Amendments to the Copyright Act, 1956, the precedents laid down which defines “work” in the Act, the owner’s right, the ‘Special Right’ under the Broadcasting Reproduction Right, the Berne Convention, Broadcasting Regulations and the TRAI Act, 1997.

  • Implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Right (vide resolution 17/4 of June 16, 2011 of United Nation Human Rights Council) in India (presently under-way).

  • Drafting of the India’s Internal Security Mechanism Bill with an aim to curb illicit election expenditure.

  • Drafting the Intelligence Agencies Regulation Bill to regulate the functioning and use of power by the Indian intelligence agencies within and outside India and to provide for the coordination, control and oversight of such agencies.

  • A number draft bills and measures, including “legal architecture around a black hole in India's internal security mechanisms” which would soon emerge into the public eye and “election expenditure reform” to curb illicit expenditure.

  • CII Rules of Arbitration along with suggested amendments to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

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