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Labour Laws

We provide commercially oriented and practical advice on areas and events around business sale and acquisitions, change of ownership, employee benefits including equity based incentive schemes, employment agreements and policies, workplace diversity and discrimination issues. We also work closely with our clients on employee disputes and disciplinary inquiries and investigations and sexual harassment related situations. We also specialise in contract labour and alternate employment arrangements, whistle blower complaints, employee grievance redressal, workforce restructuring, staff re-classification and mobility, workplace health and safety issues as well as immigration advisory.

  • Employment Strategy and Documentation;

  • Employee Benefits & Compensation Structuring;

  • Employee Stock Options & Share Plans;

  • Company Policies;

  • Labour Law Advisory (including retrenchment and/or termination);

  • Employment Agreement;

  • HR Legal Audit;

  • Employment Litigation;

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements;

  • Confidentiality Agreements;

  • Non-compete Agreements and

  • Downsizing

We are experienced in advising on all forms of employment law matters and contracts; our expertise also lies in advising on complicated labour issues.

Our in-depth understanding of handling the complex regulatory and legal aspects of employment and labour law in order to enable full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions.

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