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Arbitration, Mediation & ADR

Our firm offers services to handle arbitration proceedings in entirety, right from the stage of appointment of arbitrators by the Court, obtaining/opposing any interim relief's pending, appointment, proceedings before the arbitrator(s) and enforcement/challenge to the arbitration award in court. Members of the Firm are providing full scale services and are catering to complete legal requirements of various clients.

The ADR services provided by the Firm includes Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation and Case Management. We have strong relationships with various members of industry who can act as independent arbitrators, in cases where arbitration has to be resorted to. The Firm has represented clients in various complex Arbitration matters involving government bodies, private companies, international companies etc.

The Firm has also acted in several international arbitrations under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), UNCI TRAL, London Court of International Arbitration, American Arbitration Association (AAA), and ad hoc cases taking place in India.

Some of the areas of expertise in the Firm is actively involved in:

  • Mediation: The Firm has successfully conducted mediation in national and international negotiations and ADR with detailed understanding of cultural diversities and mode of communication.

  • Adjudication: The Firm has advised and conducted adjudications for clients from diverse sectors including infrastructure, projects, energy, technology, manufacturing to name a few.

  • Arbitration, Bespoke solutions and other ADR processes: H&S has successfully executed multistage ADR for commercial disputes at the national and international level.

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