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Food Laws & Legal Metrology

We advise on the entire range of FDA, Food & Drug-related laws. 

Service Offerings

  • We expertise in advising on and providing legal assistance and advisory services in compliance with the terms of the Food Safety and Standards Act.

  • Complete licensing process and documentation under the Food Safety laws and advisory on implementation of detailed training systems to ensure compliance with the food laws and regulations.

  • End-to-end support on litigation management in various jurisdictions across the country.

  • Expertise in advising on the implementation of Food Safety procedures in the company in compliance with the applicable food laws and regulations.

  • Formulation of education/training sessions for the company on the sampling processes and preparation of the guidance notes for the employees of the Company on Food Laws.

  • We advise on implementation of a thorough 360-degree certification process for labeling requirements to ensure that all the food products of the company are compliant with the labeling and packaging requirements.

  • Our team is expert at governments advocacy and policy matters with respect to all regulatory issues with respect to Food laws and Legal Metrology.

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