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IBC - Changing Gears in 2023

The Game of Ludo - 2021.png

The Game of Ludo

M&A Landscape - 2017.png

M&A Landscape in India

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 6.39.01 AM.png

Draft Bar Council of India Rules for Registration and Regulation of Foreign Lawyers in India, 2016

Tobacco Final.png

Taxing Smokeless Tobacco Products in India

Intermediary Rules, 2021.png

Intermediary Rules, 2021 

International Arbitration in India.png

International Arbitration in India

M&A Trends Report - 2021.png

Mergers & Acquisitions Trend Report

Data Protection, Privacy & Digitalisatoi

Data Protection, Privacy & Digitalization Compliance for Business 

India Mineral Regime - 2019.png

Creating the Right Policy Environment For India's Minerals Sector


KWS-VII Issue Brief.png

Recognition & Enforcement of Emergency Awards in India

KWS-IV Issue Brief.png

Digital Acceleration Privacy and Data Protection

KWS-I Issue Brief.png

The New Normals in Dispute Management

KWS-VI Issue Brief.png

Decoding the Social Security Code, 2020

KWS-III Issue Brief.png

Corporate Governance & Boards Beyond COVID-19

KWS-V Issue Brief.png

Real Estate Sector, IBC, Affordable Rental Housing Complexes Scheme

KWS-II Issue Brief.png

Revisiting IBC in the times of COVID-19

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