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Indirect Tax & GST

'Tax rules and regulations are the driving force behind a business strategy, structure and deal completion.' 

Our indirect tax team interprets, structures and negotiates client transactions, and designs strategies to maximize tax benefits and minimize tax
liability. H&S has been representing domestic and foreign clients in providing comprehensive advice on (erstwhile) Indirect Taxes and GST. Our
services are both preventive and remedial. We help clients avoid tax pitfalls, as well as assist in the efficient structuring of transactions to avoid
overpayment of tax obligations. We also advance clients’ interests in contested tax proceedings through the use of experienced, dedicated tax

  • GST Laws – CGST, SGST & IGST provisions;

  • (Erstwhile) Indirect Tax laws – Excise/Service Tax/VAT;

  • Services under Customs Law

  • Compliance support for filing of GST returns

  • GST Audits & Reconciliation

  • Litigation prevention & management strategy for GST & (erstwhile) indirect tax laws

  • Assistance in representation before Tax Authorities/Tribunals/High Courts/SC

  • Services for Advance Rulings & Writs for various GST issues

  • Opinions on complex issues/transactions under GST

  • Study on Anti‐Profiteering, taxability & rate of tax for transactions

  • Compliance services under GST

  • Assistance in GST Audit & reconciliations

  • Providing opinions on various issues in GST like cross charges, ISD mechanism etc.

  • Determination of Taxability & rate of tax for a transaction

  • Retainer-ship Services to Clients for day to day advisory under GST

  • Formulating strategy for Litigation prevention & litigation management for GST & (erstwhile) Indirect Tax laws‐ Excise/Service tax/VAT

  • Drafting of replies to Show cause notices, Departmental letters, appeal, Memorandum of Cross Objections, SLP etc

  • Representing clients before Tax Authorities, Tax Tribunals, High Courts & SC and briefing Counsel/Sr. Counsel

  • Drafting of Writs against various aspects like Transitional credit, challenging AAAR orders etc & assistance in Representation before High Courts

  • Drafting & assistance in representation of Advance Ruling (AR) before AR authorities

  • Study on Anti‐Profiteering

  • Assistance in filing GST Refunds with tax authorities & follow‐up for the same

  • Providing services under Customs (including SVB)

  • Drafting of Representations on various industry issues & liaisoning with Tax Authorities & CBIC for the same.

Our indirect tax team advises clients on a wide array of issues including structuring of transactions from indirect tax perspective, advising on tax compliances and implications on various business transactions.

We have in-depth experience of advising on tax efficient structures, supporting clients in their tax compliance issues as well as defending clients’ interest before various tax authorities, tribunals and courts including all State High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. Our expertise extends to working closely with the Govt. & other stakeholders in preparing strategies with regard to indirect taxes.

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