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Data Privacy

'Data protection on and privacy laws affect almost all businesses. The issues they raise can be both complex and far‐reaching and the penalties for non‐compliance are becoming increasingly severe.' 

Our Privacy and data protection on team offers clients a global and interdisciplinary team of lawyers focusing on: privacy, data protection, information security, Internet and computer law, e‐commerce, consumer protection on, outsourcing, competitive intelligence and trade secrets, information management and records retention and responding to cybercrimes and network intrusions. We offer holistic approach to compliance and security which aims to preserve and protect enterprise value.

  • Data Privacy and Protection Awareness Training: To create the awareness amongst the various stakeholders at your organization, we customize the awareness training as per your requirements and audience.

  • Data Privacy Assessment and Audit: Assessing the Compliance, no fying the gaps and audits. Our team of experts do the assessment of existing process and procedures is done keeping in mind the applicable Data Privacy and ancillary laws. The gaps are then notified along with compliance level. Assistance is also provided for the risk mitigation plans. The data privacy audits are very exclusive and are not limited to inspection of records of processing, DPIA, risk mitigation plans and strategies.

  • Policy and Notice Drafting: Our experienced professionals assist in drafting the various policies, disclaimers, consent forms, notices etc. for your internal tools, websites, marketing/advertising circulars etc.

  • Communications with Supervisory Authorities: In case of any data privacy impact assessments or data breach notifications or for any other reason when the communication with the Supervisory Authority (as per applicable jurisdiction) becomes a necessity, H&S will do the representation on behalf of its clients. In case of Data Breach notification, if it is required by the law or as per Supervisory Authority to inform the data subjects then H&S will notify the concerned data subjects whose data has been compromised, as well on behalf of its clients.

  • Data Subject Access Request handling: On behalf of the clients, DSARs are handled and responded after collating the information from respective stakeholders. The customized DSAR form can be created and responded accordingly.

  • Legal advisory and litigation assistance: Legal advisory services refer to drafting, vetting and negotiating of the commercial contracts for data privacy and protection specific clauses and respective ancillary documents. Representing and defending clients in the litigation and ADR matters.

  • Operational Compliance – Data governance, International data transfer compliance, DPIA etc: Our team of experts assists and guides the clients on the best practices of data governance, legal requirements and compliance with regards to international data transfer compliance, data privacy impact assessment reports of new techniques/processes.

Backed by the expertise of data protection specialists, we can help you deliver on your global strategies and objectives while navigating the myriad local differences which complicate the data protection arena.

Our team has regularly handle security breaches and are highly knowledgeable about privacy and security laws. Seamlessly working with their counterparts in other practice areas, our team has the depth of resources to provide integrated, creative and practical advice on the privacy‐related concerns faced by our clients.

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Practice Heads

Dr. Manoj Kumar, D. Litt 

Founder & Managing Partner


Shweta Bharti

Senior Partner

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