Consulting with lawmakers since over a decade

Our motto - 'To ensure concluded client satisfaction by working with them to create sustainable strategies through teamwork, constant learning and dedication.'

At H&S Partners we consciously nurture and develop our key strengths to be a multi-disciplinary legal consulting firm with a practical executional philosophy. We firmly believe that successful consulting depends largely on the quality of the individuals comprising of the practice. 



Corporate Law // Taxation // Regulatory & Public Affairs // Financial // Infrastructure // Maritime, Aerospace & Security // Trade Practices // Human Resources 

Our core services also include direct lobbying and government relations, international relations/business development, general public affairs counsel and strategic marketing services. We have worked with and represented multiple Fortune 50/500 MNC’s and brands from the US, Europe and Japan in multiple vertices (automobiles, insurance, banking, petroleum, consumer products, healthcare et al) 

In addition to this, we have successfully assisted Government of India organisations and institutions as well as Public Sector companies in respect of restructuring and privatisation in the Indian landscape.

Global Strategic Business Planning and Marketing

With our network of globally spread clients, strategic alliances and governmental contacts we offer an array of partnership opportunities. This includes the often-challenging world of US federal government procurement and the developing private sectors.