Hammurabi & Solomon first law firm to start operation in Patna

MUMBAI: Delhi-headquartered Hammurabi & Solomon is first corporate law firm to open its office in Patna after becoming first law firm to have presence in Ranchi.
“With the launch of the new office in Patna, we can ensure delivery of innovative and effective legal services to the sectors including FMCG and Electronic Industry in the region,” said Manoj Kumar, managing partner of Hammurabi & Solomon. “Patna being one of the largest cities in Eastern India carries huge potential for  ..

The firm is starting office in Bihar with one partner and five associates. The firm will expand its service in the dispute resolution, real estate, and corporate, commercial and civil litigations.

According to industry watchers, with more and more business being generated from eastern part of the county and beyond metros, many law firms are looking to expand in smaller towns and sates.

London-based research firm RSG Consulting, said fee rates haven’t really changed in the past 12 months, but overall law firm revenues for 2015-15 are expected to have increased by 10 per cent to 25 per cent for the top 40 Indian law firms.

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